Saturday, 12 January 2013

Draft development plan for old city approved by Pune Municipal Corporation general body

Draft development plan for old city approved by Pune Municipal Corporation general body

The draft of the revised development plan (DP) for old city limit, pending before the general body of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for the last two-and-a-half months, was approved after a long debate.

The revised DP has 921 reservations spread over 1080 hectares located in about 150 sq. km area in the old city. It was passed by a slim margin of 10 votes – 79 corporators voted for it while 69 voted against the revised DP.

While there are lot of controversies about the bill, we hope it augurs well for the development of the city in the long run.

Plan at a glance

  • A hike in the floor space index (FSI), cluster development for old 'wadas' and a new road network are some highlights of the new DP for the city's old areas
  • The DP proposes allocation of additional FSI for redevelopment of old properties, parking plots, old-age homes and the areas through which the proposed metro railway will run
  • Additional FSI would decongest old city areas and upgrade basic infrastructure there. As of now, the PMC allows 1.5 FSI in the old city areas, which include the Peth areas. The administration has also proposed new roads, tunnels and flyovers
  • The DP also incorporates the metro rail project and cluster development of 'wadas' with appropriate share to tenants

What Next?

  • After the city improvement committee approves the DP, it is tabled before the general body
  • After discussions, the general body proposes changes in the plan and the draft DP is made public for suggestions and objection
  • A committee comprising four government members and three standing committee members hears the suggestions and objections
  • A report is tabled before the general body and, after its final decision, the plan is forwarded to the state government for approval 

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